Women's Postpartum Recovery Shapewear


Outstanding Support: Belly, waist, and pelvic pieces: It can be worn alone (lightest support) or all together (maximum support).

Medical-grade Compression: Force's abdominal muscles and internal organs to "restart" and work together perfectly. 78% Faster Recovery Takes pressure off swollen areas, helps the uterus shrink back, and the postnatal healing.

Comfortable: Stretchable material that lets you breathe and move in comfort. Sneeze and cough without pain—"Undercover"

Design: Almost invisible underneath clothes. Slip in and out easily without extra help. Doubles As a Full Silhouette.

Fix: Keeps unsightly bulges pulled in. This stops pregnancy stretch-marks from forming.

No Back-pain: Stimulates deep pelvic contractions, which end back pain, and provides substantial support during back feeding.

Stomach belt: Shrinks belly and abdominals halfway back to normal. It is recommended for 1-7 days after birth or c-section.

Waist belt: Flattens the entire midsections. Relieves back pain. It is recommended for 1-6 weeks after birth or c-section.

Pelvic belt: Speeds up pelvic contractions, reboots, and restores optimal muscle and organ function. It is recommended for 7-42 weeks after birth or c-section.

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