Grace Nursing Cover


The "Grace Nursing Cover" offers a stylish and practical solution for nursing mothers seeking privacy and convenience. Here's what makes it standout:

  • Design: The Caleb print features sporadic subtle grey and white explosions on a navy blue sky, creating a visually appealing pattern that's both stylish and discreet. The color palette of navy, grey, and white ensures versatility with various outfits.

  • Material: Crafted from 100% breathable cotton, this nursing cover ensures comfort for both mother and baby, making it ideal for feeding sessions in any environment.

  • Adjustability: Equipped with stainless steel d-rings, the neckline of the cover is fully adjustable, allowing for a custom fit that accommodates visibility and air flow.

  • Convenience: The cover is machine washable, offering easy care and maintenance to keep it fresh and clean.

  • Functionality: A rigid neckline bows to provide direct eye contact with your baby during nursing, while ensuring full coverage for privacy.

This nursing cover combines functionality with fashion, embodying the Udder Covers™ brand's commitment to supporting nursing mothers with quality products.

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