Purple Power Play Sports Skort


Elevate her game and style with our 'Purple Power Play Sports Skort,' designed for young athletes who love to stand out. This vibrant purple skort combines the practicality of shorts with the charming look of a skirt, ensuring she can move freely and confidently during any activity. Perfect for sports, recreational activities, or everyday wear, it's crafted from a stretchy, breathable fabric that keeps her cool and comfortable. The bold purple hue adds a splash of fun to her athletic attire, making it a favorite for team practices or playful afternoons at the park.

  • 3/4T: Waist 18.5 inches, Length 9.3 inches, Hips 22.8 inches
  • 5/6T: Waist 20.1 inches, Length 9.6 inches, Hips 24.4 inches
  • 7/8T: Waist 21.7 inches, Length 10.0 inches, Hips 26.0 inches
  • 9/10T: Waist 23.2 inches, Length 10.4 inches, Hips 27.6 inches
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