Baby Girls Pink Squirrel Set


Girls’ bodysuit sizes 56/62 are altered with a side fastening (kimono style) for your own ease of use and your baby’s comfort: whilst being a brilliant solution for every newborn, these clothes sizes also come with folding sleeves-gloves.

Girls’ baby bodysuit sizes 68/74/80/86 fit the newborn body perfectly as they are buttoned up with a single button on the neck as well as two-level buttons on the bottom – leaving you with the ability to adapt the piece of baby clothing to the height of the baby accordingly over time.

Baby girl’s sleepsuit is made from soft cotton material. The one-piece sleepwear is suitable for both outerwear and nightwear. Sleepsuit has buttons on the front, a sleeping baby can be easily given a change of clothes. Sizes 50/56 have foldable sleeves-gloves with external seams for extra comfort. The tender high waist of the baby pants does not squeeze the baby’s belly. Being extremely soft, the trousers fit perfectly for both outerwear and nightwear.

Made of high-quality, natural OEKO TEX certified cotton.

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