Chocolate Delight: Growing Chair for Babies

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Meet the Goodevas Growing Chair: Your Child's Kitchen Companion

The Goodevas growing chair is designed to be your child's trusted companion in the kitchen, ensuring they remain engaged, safe, and under close supervision while you navigate the culinary world. Its versatile design includes an adjustable backrest, footrest, detachable and adaptable table, and even a slot for a tablet or book.


  1. Versatile Use: Beyond its primary function, this chair doubles as a ladder, empowering your child to access higher spots and actively participate in cooking sessions, fostering quality time with parents.
  2. Stable Dining Experience: The chair also serves as a standard dining table chair, allowing your child to join the family at mealtimes. This inclusion promotes a sense of responsibility and belonging, making mealtime more meaningful.
  3. Engaging Workspace: With the detachable table feature, the chair transforms into a dedicated space for your child. Whether it's reading, coloring, building, or watching cartoons on a tablet, this space keeps your child occupied and entertained.


Crafted from eco-friendly birch plywood, the growing chair offers sturdiness without compromising safety. Every wooden surface has been meticulously sanded and polished to provide a flawless, splinter-free finish. We prioritize child safety, treating every part of this chair with our special blend of oils and waxes. This treatment ensures its adaptability for both indoor and controlled outdoor settings, although we recommend avoiding areas of high humidity. Designed with utmost precision, this chair is suitable for children aged from 1 to 6-7 years old.


  • Size: 16.93" x 20.08" x 33.46" (43 x 51 x 85 cm)
  • Weight: 17 lb (7.7 kg)

Elevate your child's kitchen experience with the Goodevas Growing Chair, seamlessly blending functionality and safety to create unforgettable moments.

Chocolate Delight: Growing Chair for Babies
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